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The most important goal for any successful trader or investor is not to make a profit.  No, what is most crucial is to make consistent profits.  Very difficult, right?  Yes, it is.  But access to our services can allow you to uniquely see, analyze, and trade the markets in a way so as to alleviate that challenge.  With Market Street Smarts' methodology, you can make better, timelier decisions in the markets thereby increasing your chances of profiting throughout the good times and the bad times.  In other words, it can allow you to make money in all different market environments with more accuracy and confidence.  If this is what you want to achieve, you have come to the right place.  Market Street Smarts can help guide you on this path.  It provides you with extremely clear and effective tools that apply to beginner and expert traders and investors alike.  



1.  The Market Street Smarts Road Map, a 28-32 page newsletter published twice a month which consists of all of the following:

     a.  The Garrett Trading Signal (GTS™), a time tested, proprietary, and exclusive indicator Market Street Smarts has developed which is the end result of over a decade of Market Street Smarts’ thorough research on understanding and anticipating when the overall U.S. equities market tends to ebb and flow.  The GTS will alert and update you providing a unique timing tool for you to quickly gauge, anticipate, understand, and interpret the most probable timing for what the market trend is going to be in the near future.   (Usually these trends will unfold anywhere from around the next four weeks to four months; hence, the focus is not on day trading although it can help in that area too.)  This tool will greatly help you make optimal and more consistent trading decisions to capitalize on these future trends before they even occur!  It also strips out the base emotion that the "herd" of traders and investors in the market feels and thereby often erroneously acts upon at any given time.  The GTS can offer this because it is a unique gauge devised from a confluence of technical, fundamental, and sentiment metrics providing a more robust and objective system to navigate the markets.  

     b.  An in-depth market commentary and analysis of what the GTS means in the context of current events flushed out in elaborate detail providing a clearer path for future investment decisions regarding the overall market.  Members are provided with bottom line conclusions of what to do now without the nonsense.

     c.  A full examination of the timing and selection of individual securities within their respective sectors so as to provide members their best opportunities for maximally profitable trades.  Also, these market beating stock picks from this strategy will be generated to offer timely entries and exits of trades in every issue.

     d.  A complete analysis of the sectors within the overall market for where the maximum profit potential resides and timely correlated to where the overall trend is.

The newsletter applies the above elements of c. and d. via exclusive access to two innovative tools, respectively, that Market Streets Smarts has developed:  

     The Market Street Smarts Stock Score™ - a proprietary and exclusive five-point securities analysis scoring tool                                          


     You will be provided with 13-15 graphs that use a customized scoring system to identify the optimal timing of trades for individual securities within their respective sectors to buy or sell at any given time.  These graphs include transparent analyses and concise conclusionsIf these graphs are too time-consuming for your analysis, remember that the conclusions immediately following the graphs summarize what to do.

     The Market Street Smarts Sector Analysis™ - a proprietary and exclusive sector analysis tool based upon the Bullish Percent Index (BPI)         


     The BPI chart tool examines when to buy or sell the nine sectors (technology, financials, discretionary, staples, utilities, etc.) within the overall U.S. market.  You will be provided with 13-15 of these BPI charts along with clear-cut explanations and bottom line conclusions.  (See Tutorial for a further discussion of what the BPI is.)  If these graphs are too time-consuming for your analysis, remember that the conclusions immediately following the graphs summarize what to do.

     e.  You will also receive exclusive access to Market Street Smarts’ own trades indicating when specific securities were actually bought (long) or sold (short).  All trades will have been derived from the Market Street Smarts’ methodology illustrated in the newsletter.  Actions speak louder than words, right?

2.  A full archive of all past issues of the Market Street Smarts Road Map newsletter



Why pay for other trading and investment research products on the market today that will cost you an exorbitant amount of money, may not even work, are from people who are not really traders, and who may not even practice what they preach?  Why not get the best bang for your buck?  It is less than $20 per month.  A twelve-month subscription to Market Street Smarts is only $239.99.  A three-month introductory subscription of $65 is also available.  Subscribe today.  Please note: there are no refunds for either subscription.  For more information, see our FAQs section.


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